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 Divinure Kashmiri Almonds

Grab some pieces of
Divinure Kashmiri Almonds!


Just some Amazing health benefits of Kashmiri Almonds..

Because  your good health is
our Responsibility..

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Almonds are good for your heart!

In a study from 2014, scientists found that almonds significantly increased the levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream, reduced blood pressure, and improved blood flow. 

Almonds are rich in nutrients!

Just a handful of almonds — approximately 1 ounce — contains one-eighth of a person’s daily protein needs.


 Almonds Regulate Blood Sugar

Consuming almonds is said to regulate blood sugar levels and stabilize them. This is because almonds have magnesium in them and it advised that you consume a handful of almonds daily. 

 Almonds Reduces Cholesterol

A study  from 2005 suggests that consuming almonds may increase vitamin E levels in the plasma and red blood cells  &  lower overall cholesterol levels

wt loss

 Almonds helps in weight loss!

According to research appearing in 2015, eating almonds as a mid-morning snack can leave a person feeling full for some time.