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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Divinure Kashmiri Almonds, sourced from the pristine orchards of Kashmir. These almonds are known for their superior quality, delightful crunch, and rich, buttery flavor. Each almond is packed with essential nutrients, including vitamin E, protein, and healthy fats, making it a perfect snack for a healthy lifestyle. Whether you enjoy them on their own, or as an addition to your favorite recipes, these Kashmiri almonds are a versatile and delicious choice. Order a pack today and experience the luxurious taste of Divinure Kashmiri Almonds for yourself.

Divinure Kashmiri Almonds

₹350.00 通常価格
消費税込み |
    • Kashmiri Badam (From Kashmir Origin) – These are compact or small-sized, which makes them a premium source of oil content. The taste is great too.
    • Kashmiri almonds have higher Fat contentand have more Carbohydrates and have higher Calories. Kashmiri almonds are mostly of organic origin.
    • Kashmiri almonds is better as it is not chemically treated and is 100% natural. It preserves all the oil and nutrients.
    • The medical advantages of Kashmiri almonds are broad, and they are regularly utilized as a sound answer for help from obstruction, respiratory problems, hacks, heart issues, iron deficiency, impotency, and diabetes.
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